Whirldworks Farm

We  have been learning, buying, building and moving for over two years with the end goal of having sheep. On Memorial Day we finally got them. We decided we wanted a different lifestyle for our youngest child and ourselves  and possible future grandchildren.

Sheep jpgIn March 2014 we found the perfect place and bought it. After many struggles we finally moved into our newly built home in March 2016. It has been a very, very hard journey but we are finally home and we are beginning to enjoy this new way of life! The only thing not to love is the commute, but it is worth it!

We now have 1 donkey, 4 Nigerian Dwarf goats, 4 Debouillet sheep, 5 chickens and two Anatolian shepherd dogs-in-training to be guardians.

The sheep are from Robin Giles at Hillingdon Ranch in Comfort, TX. It was really fun to meet him, his wife and adopted grandson and see their place. Before he would let us buy the sheep he did his best to make sure we knew what we were getting ourselves into and we got to know them a little better. We purchased 3 ewes and 1 ram.

The first night we got them home we put them right into the barn from the trailer and closed the door, easy peasy. In the morning “we” let them into the pasture with the goats…and we were not able to get them back in for two days because they were hiding in the thicket.

My husband rallied neighbors and family to come help. It turned out that one neighbor was very good with the sheep and pretty much got them into the barn by himself with the rest of us just standing around. For about a month after that we only let them out into the pasture with no thicket. They are now trained to come in at night to the sound of grain shaking in the dish. They are much better, even allowing us to pet them a little. When they don’t come our donkey helps herd them in. They are also getting used to our 2 Anatolian Shepherds.

We are so happy to have them all and we are really excited to get to use their wool to make things and to share it with fellow spnners and weavers. The flock that they came from has been graded very fine

We are actually having our first shearing lesson on Sept 17th!

“If your dreams don’t scare you, then they aren’t big enough”

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